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Serving up Hot & Cool running Blues to the Mid-Atlantic Region

Andrew O'Brien Band is a blues and blues-rock band from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. While respecting the blues tradition and incorporating many styles from Chicago swing, Texas shuffle and the Delta Sound, their sound is largely influenced by the rock side of the blues. It is a robust sound that becomes tender when the song requires. The band is a joining of musical forces, as the current members all bring experience and accomplishments from previous acts.

Andrew “Notes” O’Brien (guitar and vocals), has competed in the 2017 International Blues Competition in Memphis, TN, and brings his electrified, high-energy yet soulful guitar work and impassioned vocals to the project He has extensive experience playing across the tristate area, and Memphis, TN. He also brings his songwriting to this project. He has released an album of his original work under a previous name. His original music continues to be a feature in this current project. His music has been described as “encapsulating the blues rock sound” (Andy Vineberg Bucks County Courier Times).

Rich Herzog (bass) brings 30 years of experience and love for blues and jazz, which helps bridge rhythm and harmony to hold down the low end. Rich's bass playing provides a solid foundation on which powerful performance is built. Rich draws from his eclectic musical background to fuse exciting elements into his playing.

Greg Valentine is the newest addition to the lineup. His tasteful drum work provides a solid pocket for the band to reside in, but also adds a depth of character and dynamics that elevates each tune to another level.

Lisa Juzwak (keys and vocals) brings with her significant experience and pedigree having been trained at Westminster Choir College. Newer to the blues genre, Lisa's soulful harmonies and keyboard playing add a layer of depth and character to the music that one would believe was generated by a true blues veteran.

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